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Learnlink Login: The LearnLink portal retirement is now live. Department for Education (DfE) are retiring the LearnLink portal from service on 31st December 2020. This means that from this date onwards, all users of the LearnLink portal will need to use alternative methods of accessing their learning records and records related to their student loans.

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What is the Department for Education?

The Department for Education is a government department in the United Kingdom responsible for areas such as education, apprenticeships, research and development. The department was formed on 1 April 2010 by the merger of two previous departments – the Department for Children, Schools and Families and the Department for Employment and Learning. What are the responsibilities of the Department for Education?
The Department for Education is responsible for a wide range of areas including: teaching and learning; early years; higher education; vocational education and training; children’s services; standards in schools; teaching resources; pupil premium funding; teacher training colleges; academies. What is the difference between the Department for Education and other government departments?
The Department for Education is different from other government departments because it has responsibility for a wide range of areas including teaching and learning, early years, higher education, vocational education and training, children’s services, standards in schools, teaching resources, pupil premium funding, teacher training colleges, academies.

How does the LearnLink portal work?

The LearnLink portal is a retirement website run by the Department for Education. It provides information and advice on pensions, savings, and other retirement options. The portal includes resources about pensions, such as fact sheets and videos, as well as calculators and advice from pension experts. You can also find information about other retirement options, such as private pensions and annuities. The portal also offers support services such as telephone help and online chat.

What are the benefits of using the LearnLink portal?

The LearnLink portal is an online resource that provides free and easy access to a wide range of education information for students, parents and teachers. The portal has a wealth of resources available, including:

– A search engine that lets you find information quickly and easily

– A collection of powerful tools for students, including learning materials, calculators and flashcards

– An archive of teacher resources, including lesson plans, videos and quizzes

– A forum where students and teachers can share ideas and feedback

What can I do if I have a question about my retirement or my pension?

If you have a question about your retirement or your pension, you can go to the LearnLink portal. The LearnLink portal is a website where you can find information about pensions, retirement planning, and other benefits that you may be eligible for. You can also use the LearnLink portal to ask questions and get answers from the Department for Education.

The LearnLink portal is available at http://www.education.gov.uk/learnlink/.

How do I access my pension information?

If you are retired from the LearnLink portal or have left your job, you can access your pension information through the Pension Service website. To do this, you need to create an account with the Pension Service and then use their online pension calculator to work out your pension entitlement.

What if I want to stop working and retire?

The Department for Education (DfE) has released a new guide called “LearningLink: Retirement Options for Employees”, which provides help to employees who want to retire.

This guide covers the following topics:

– Understanding retirement benefits and how they work
– Choosing when to retire and how to do it responsibly
– The main types of pensions available to employees in the UK
– How to export your pension savings outside of the UK
The guide can be found on the DfE website, under “Retirement and Pensions”.
If you’re thinking of retiring, you’ll need to start planning early. There are a number of things you’ll need to think about if you want to stop working and retire, such as arranging your finances and choosing the right time to retire. You can find out more information in “LearningLink: Retirement Options for Employees” on the Department for Education website.


The LearnLink portal retirement is now complete. All course and assessment data, as well as feedback from students and staff, was migrated to our new learning management system (LMS) in a planned move over the last fortnight. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our users for their patience during this time – it has been an enormous technical challenge!


Question: How will I know if I am eligible to retire from my LearnLink portal account?

A. You are not required to retire from your LearnLink portal account. However, once you reach the age of 65, you may wish to consider retiring from your account in order to avoid having your LearnLink portal information and settingsshared with a successor administrator. If you choose to retire, your successor administrator will need your user name and password in order to access your LearnLink portal account.

B. If you are age 50 or over and have been employed continuously by the same organization for at least 3 years immediately preceding retirement, then you may be eligible for early retirement from your LearnLink portal account. To qualify for early retirement, you must submit an application form and provide documentation of your employment history to the department responsible for administering LearnLink portals.

C. If you are age 50 or over and have been employed continuously by the same organization for at least 2 years immediately preceding retirement, then you may be eligible for voluntary early retirement from your LearnLink portal account. To qualify for voluntary early retirement, you must submit an application form and provide documentation of your employment history to the department responsible for administering LearnLink portals

Login or Sign up for Learnlink Login is really easy. Just visit their website at www.education.sa.gov.au and follow the instructions there to get started!

LearnLink portal retirement – Department for Education

16 July 2021 — Refer to the LearnLink staff portal retirement intranet page (staff login required) for more information or for help with finding what you need …

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